Don’t Miss A Memorable Spanish Experience


Toledo was once the capital of Spain. In recent years, it has become a very popular tourist destination in the country, and confined to the walls of a fort city. However, inside these walls, you can witness the beauty of numerous cathedrals, churches, museums and an ancient synagogue.

The ancient synanogue is a museum documenting the popular Sephardic Jews. In the city, you can also come across the museum and home of pre impressionist and court painter El Greco. The city also offers a choice among popular hotels, restaurants and hostels.

A lot of tours are available from Madrid to this fort city. However, Toledo deserves a longer look. The old buildings, bridges and city gates seem very impressive. They are exceptional medieval structures, and easily take your imagination back to the days of powerful kingdoms and armored knights.


When you’re on a holiday in the city, you will notice winding, narrow and charming streets. It is a popular tourist town, which you can’t afford to miss. Most tourist have only a few hours to witness this city’s beauty, and they are very precious. If you’re independent, you may plan to eat lunch in this place.

Although you may dislike the idea, it’s better to grab a quick snack at a fast food chain on the square. Most restaurants in this place are very slow, and require you to have a complete meal. Since time is too precious, a quick bite will be your best choice.





Here are some place you can’t miss in Toledo.



The Cathedral – The construction of this building started in 1227 by San Fernando. It was completed in 1493. It is considered the most magnificent church in Spain. The place is dominated by a 300 feet tower, great rose windows, and flying buttresses. It also contains numerous paintings by Goya and El Greco.

The treasury of the Cathedral contains the Monstrance (15th century). It is carried through the city’s streets during the Corpus Christi processions. According to legends, it was built from the first gold brought back to the city by Columbus.




Santa Cruz Museum

The Santa Cruz museum is just a short walk from Plaza de Zocodover. This is a 16th century museum. It houses a huge collection of paintings and furniture by Goya, El Greco and more.





Santo Tome Church

The best time to visit this church is post lunch. The evening hours will let you witness its true beauty. The church is closed Sunday afternoon. Santo Tome church houses the famous  Burial of Count Orgaz’ by El Greco.






El Greco’s House

This place is just a short walk from Santo Tome. The house was originally a palace. It was built in 1585 by the Marquis of Villena. El Greco spent a lot of years in this place after moving to Toledo. You can take a look at his rooms, paintings and studio.







The Alcazar

Before becoming the military academy, this was the royal residence. It is one of the most popular places in Toledo. When you’re in the city, you can’t miss this place. It is one of the most dominant sites in the city.

Toledo’s cultural beauty and architecture remains intact even after so many years. Although millions of tourists visit this place every year, it still offers an authentic tourist experience, which you can’t afford to miss.