Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela



If you want to have the holiday that you will never forget, then you must consider to visit the beautiful country of Spain. The amount of breathtaking tourist spots that the country has to offer may just astound you, as there are so many amazing things that can be done and seen there.

One of the most popular destinations in the country is the Santiago de Compostela cathedral which pretty much sums up the unique culture of Spain. You will find that visiting this tourist spot will give you a better understanding of Spain and their beautiful religious culture.



Why Visit The Santiago de Compostela

This place is one of the Spain’s most well known cathedrals of their archdiocese and is located at the World Heritage in Galicia Spain. It is the cathedral burial place of the great Saint James who was one of Jesus Christ’s apostles making it a long lived historical tourist spot that has been used as pilgrimage on the path Way of Saint James ever since the early to middle ages.


The entire building is completely made with a Romanesque structure with a bit of later Baroque and Gothic additions. It is constantly visited by various religious and non religious tourist to absorb the glorious history that the place has.




santiago-pilgrimAll of the facades as well as the adjoining squares actually constitute this magnificent urban plaza. As for the Baroque facade that’s in the Obradoiro square in the place, it was constructed and completed by de Casas Novoa Fernando in the year of 1740. In addition, the baroque style as also the Acibecharia facade created by Fernandez Sarela and Ferro Caaveiro, but was later modified a bit by Ventura Rodriguez.


Another facade known as the Pratarias was built by Master Esteban in the year of 1103 and Portico da Gloria who started the early works of the Romanesque sculpture that was then completed by the Master Mateo in the year of 1188. The impeccable intricacy made in the detail of the entire cathedral will put anyone in awe, as it is such a remarkable sight to behold.


santiagodecompostela-innenstadtThe mullion that is at the Santiago de Compostela is the main seating figure of the great Saint James and is accompanied by this pilgrim’s swagger stick for patronage of the basilica. Saint James appears with this scroll that contains the written words of Misit em Dominus which means the Lord has sent me.


There is a column right above his head that comes with a capital which is a representative of the many temptations of Christ. At his foot, there is one more capital with various figures of the consecrated Holy Trinity. Overall, the entire cathedral will definitely astonish you and whoever you may be going with on your holiday. It is also a great idea to bring your kids along with you if you have any, because it could be a valuable educational experience for them.


Whether you are a religious person or not, you will find that the Santiago de Compostela cathedral will provide this new sense of solemnity that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else.