Spain’s Wonder Destination

for an Exquisite Holiday

is the Southern most region in Spain, and home to many iconic and wonderful Spanish experiences. Tapas, flamenco and bullfighting have their roots in the region’s culture. Even the festivals organized in this region are some of the most colorful and noisiest. When you’re on a holiday in this place, make sure you don’t miss anything mentioned in this post.





Witness a Bullfight

Not for the faint hearted and most agree its days are numbered in modern society but bullfighting has its roots deeply engraved in the Spanish culture. Bullfighting contests were very popular in ancient Rome. However, they were completely developed by the Moors. They belonged to North Africa, but also ruled over the Spanish region in 711 A.D. In the beginning, they were organized as ritualistic occasions. However, they later turned into spectator sports. In the modern age, bullfighting is a major business in Andalucía. Some of the top matadors earn salaries close to the nation’s top rated rock idols and soccer stars.

On your holiday to this region, you can take a look at the full calendar of events to make sure you attend a bullfight. The city also features many museums dedicated to this sport. These museums provide photographs, historical background, costumers and more. A bullfighting contest in the region will make your trip worthwhile.








Taste Tapas (Seville)

Seville is the capital city of this region. It features every classic element closely related to Andalucía, including winding lanes, romantic plazas, tapas bars, stunning scenery and cozy wine. When you’re in this region, tasting tapas in Seville is a must. There are many bars where you can place an order for tapas, and get it customized according to your taste. There are hundreds of tapas bars in the city. You shouldn’t miss Calles Mateas Gago, San Eloy, Santa Maria La Blanca and Alfalfa.






Dance the Flamenco

Flamenco is the traditional form of dance and song of Andalucía gypsies. In recent years, a new generation of performers have been able to revive the popularity of this dance throughout Spain. You can enjoy Flamenco in two different ways – Tablao, which is a performance specifically organized for tourists, and Pena Flamenca, which focuses on the authentic side of this art.

In most performances, the Tablao focuses on the town’s nightlife. It is followed by a Pena Flamenca performance involving tapas and drinks. The Pena Flamenca focuses on the artistic part of the performance. Most people consider this to be authentic.







Attend a Local Festival

One of the best ways to experience the culture, music, architecture and art forms of Andalucía is to attend a local festival. In this region, more than 3000 festivals are organized every year, including pilgrimages, fairs, religious processions and carnivals.

Some of the most popular festivals include Holy Week, Feria de Abril, Spring Fair and Semana Santa. Holy Week is a religious procession involving religious idols and floats. The Spring Fair is a joyous celebration involving drinks, delicacies, late night parties and dances

Whenever you choose to visit Andalucía for a holiday, you shouldn’t miss anything mentioned in this post. This place offers a lovely experience to all the visitors, and makes sure you’re able to store lifelong, unforgettable memories.